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Enclosed please find a check which I hope will cover the extra expense of obtaining a permit as well as your time, for our baseboard heater install at Brant Beach. We still cannot believe everything our lender put us through to purchase my parent’s home. We cannot thank you enough for your quick turnaround time, quality work and diligence to finish the job with a permit. Thank you so much! as a small business owner myself, I was really impressed with how you handled our small job. It is a testament to your work ethic and we are impressed & really grateful.

Someday we hope to tear down and rebuild our childhood home and retire on LBI. We will be sure to insist you are part of the rebuild team.

Wishing you and your family a joyous and relaxing holiday season. Please enjoy a few lunches on us while working on the island. Thank you again!

With appreciation,
Annemarie & Chuck


Thanks so much for your 5 minute response time to my call for help with squirrel-chewed wires that could have been a fire hazard this past Friday. Our mutual friend Jay Smith recommended you and I am sure glad he did. Sorry the job was not more routine and wasn’t in such a tight space. But you accomplished the mission quickly. Well done, indeed. Above and beyond the call of duty.

Foster’s Electric is now my go-to firm.

Tom Berry Harvey Cedars, NJ

Thanks Andrea! we were extremely pleased with your guys and the work they did. What time will you be in the office tomorrow so I can drop off a check? Please tell Hank also thank you. Your quick service was great and we appreciate it!

Thank you for “lighting us up”! Looks great!

Thanks again, enjoy the rest of the summer!

Happy New Year. Thanks for doing the work so quickly!
Cinty & Steve

Thanks for the quick response!

Thanks so much for being there for us. We will be speaking to hank about work required.
Mary V.

Thank you for a fine job and your patience

Andrea & Hank – Thanks again!

Thanks again for the excellent service!

Thanks, Great Job!

Thank you for your quick service. Merry Christmas!

Thank you for the work you do!

Thank you so much!

Thanks for a smooth job!

Invoice # 1446. Thank you!

Thanks for a good job.

Hank: Thank you for your service. Your people did a great job. Also, thank you for giving me a good price. I will call you when I need more work done.

Thank you for the wonderful work! Look forward to the driveway sound box.

Thanks again

Thanks a lot, always a pleasure. Have a great spring!
Bob & Maryann

Thanks for your help!

Hank –
Thanks! Chris and the other guy (sorry forgot his name) were great. You’ve got two awesome workers… personable, thoughtful, and clean up as they go…(Sue’s favorite quality).

Real pleased. Just waiting for the fixture we ordered and we are in business. Thanks again. See you in “the hood”.

Thank you very much for your prompt service. We also want to thank you for referring Brian’s Pump & Well Co. who was able to fix the problem with our well.
Janet & John Sanders

Thank you very much. So nice to have people come in to your house and are polite and professional. Thank you. I will so recommend you to my friends.

Hank, Thank you! We recommend you all the time

Thank you for performing the work so quickly. You’re a treasure.

Thanks for the prompt and professional service
Ron J

The guys did a great job. Thank you! Very happy with the outcome.

Thanks for enabling us to move back to our home after the storm. Have a nice day.

Hey Hank, thanks for your prompt service in sending Chris down to fix the outlet problem.

I’ll get in touch with you in the spring to install the exterior outlet. Then when I’m finished with the siding I’ll need the two new lights by the doors installed. I know the one has some short wires so you may have to pigtail additional wire on . Chris said you built a house in Beach Haven West that’s great. Hope you and your family have a happy holiday season

Thanks again
John Odell

Would like to thank Foster Electric for the fine work in our house. You showed up as scheduled on the on the day and on time. Chris was considerate and did a great job. He even requested to wash his hands before beginning work at the ceiling.

Thank you again for a job well done.

Thank you for getting our electric up and running. I’ll be in touch soon.

Though our power was restored after the storm and we seemed to have no electrical problems, we had heard of recent stories where homes burned to the ground due to flood water that had, over the subsequent few months after the siorm, seeped in to and eventually corroded the wiring, despite the fact that there was no evidence of electrical damage just after the storm. We decided to get our crawlspace wiring checked out and ended up getting quotes from two electricians (not local-— any and most all local electricians were understandably swamped when we caiied shortly after the storm).

We were quoted two prices over 10K to rewire the entire house due to “water damage to wires”. Of course we would pay what we had to to ensure our house was safe, but we also knew that we had some neighbors who sustained no electrical damage whatsoever. A few months went by and a neighbor recommended Hank, and we figured we would try one more electrician to see what they said, especially since our neighbors were extremely pleased with his honesty, professionalism and work. We also felt that someone local may be more concerned about their reputation and might be less apt to try to rip us off, being that they do a lot of work in the area. When Hank got here, he immediately showed us a flood water line under the house that we hadn’t seen, and he told us that he truly believed that our electrical was not compromised due to the location of the flood water line. I of course was still absolutely befuddled as to whom to tasst, and though I did feel much better after seeing that the water didn’t appear to come up to where it would jeopardize any of the wiring under the hous’fe, 1 told him 1 was still uneasy, especially after 1 had been told something completely different by two others, and 1 didn’t want to take any chances whatsoever with electricity and fires. Hank told me that if it wouid put my mind to ease, he would schedule an appointment to come out as a “service call” which was, as he explained, where he would come out for a $125 fee and take a good look under the house and let us know what he sees, but he again toid us that he probably wouid see no damage. Hank could have easily tried to rip us off and we wouldn’t have known better. He basically came to the house originally, at no charge, and toid us what he ihought-that he saw no damage. I appreciated that he took the time to show us the water line and explained his reasoning in thinking we sustained no electrical damage. We were more than happy to take him up on his suggestion, a suggestion he made only after seeing how concerned I still was, to come out as a “service call” and check it out thoroughly. He came today, with a few of his workers, and they assured us all was fine. Again, we of course would have paid whatever we would have had to pay to have a safe house, but the fact that he didn’t come in and take advantage of us at a time when it wouid have been so easy to do, for that we will recommend his company to anybody who asks, and we will definitely be using them in the future. One more thing…While he was here, I asked him about a meter box on the outside wall of our house that looked like it had come loose from the wind. I asked him who I should call to fix it. Before I knew it, he went to his truck, got some screws and was attaching the box to the house for us. He certainly didn’t need to do that, but if that’s any indication of how he does business, this is the kind of person anyone should want to hire.